Vertical Solutions

Over the years we have supported companies in different sectors, of different sizes and with different needs. The experience gained has allowed us to build up know-how, expertise and structured methodologies to help companies with solutions targeted to their industry.

On this page, you will find the areas in which we have gained the most experience, and for each you will learn who our customers are, as well as read some case studies and the specific solutions offered.

Work with us

Industry and machinery

National and multinational organizations producing machinery, consumables and semi-finished products. 

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Furniture and Design

From leading furniture manufacturing brands to retailers and design studios.

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Architecture and Construction

General contractors, manufacturers of building solutions and design studios.

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From major product brands to after-market component manufacturers.

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Innovative platforms specialized in the digitalization of processes in the banking, insurance and financial sectors.

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SAAS and IT Services

Software houses, major SAAS industry players and companies offering consulting and implementation services.

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Food & Beverage

From beverages to the confectionery industry. From Michelin star restaurants to professional equipment manufacturers.

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Trade Shows

We digitalize your presence at the most important trade shows to optimize investments and generate new customers.

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We enhance your e-commerce with Marketing Automation and a more advanced Customer Service.

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The stories of our customers

Here's what those who worked with us say:

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