Zoho One

We have chosen Zoho solutions for the quality of service, flexibility of customization, ease of use and highly competitive price.

With Zoho you can manage and automate many areas of your company: sales, marketing, after-sales and customer care. And always putting the customer and his needs first.

As a Zoho partner for Italy we can offer you all the advice you need so as to get the most out of this platform.

Work with us What is Zoho?

When all your apps interact,
your business works better.

Zoho One is a single-subscription suite of over 40 integrated business applications designed to manage your entire organization. Simply activate an app to improve a process and allow different teams to collaborate with a view to satisfying customers and working more efficiently.

With Zoho One you can manage Sales, Marketing, Customer Service...



Manage leads and turn them into customers with CRM. Close deals by optimizing tasks and automatisms.



Email marketing, social media, surveys, landing pages and calls-to-action. Choose the Zoho tools to boost your marketing.


Customer Service

Manage in the best way possible both your customers' requests and the internal resources that handle them. Benefit from positive word of mouth.


From initial analysis to configuration

With Zoho One, the company adopts a fully-fledged business operating system. It is not just about using new software, but rather about rethinking processes and the way we work.

Rely on the CLOUDNOVA METHOD: our methodology, developed over the years through projects carried out in dozens of companies, ensures effective implementation of CRM and of the Zoho One apps of interest. From initial analysis, to consultation aimed at improving processes, through to configuration of solutions and training, we follow you every step of the way, with a view to fostering a new business “culture”.

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Is Zoho One the right solution for me?

Successful adoption requires vision and goals to be shared across the business. Implementing new solutions means new processes to follow and new tools to use. With our method, every user will be involved and guided in the use of the new software. And as they see their own and the company’s performance improve, they’ll be increasingly happy to use the Zoho One suite.

The stories of our customers

Here's what customers who have implemented Zoho One with us say about it.


Zoho one is a real investment

We are here to make sure your investment is a success. Having an experienced partner to accompany you on your long-term journey is very helpful, but maybe it's not what you're looking for. And that's ok with us. We know that some companies only need a little help to get off on the right foot. That's why we've developed a range of flexible services, which can also be combined together to build the right solution for you.
We can help you!

Analysis and Consulting

We will analyze the sales, marketing and after-sales processes in place today within the company. Together, we will define the goals to be achieved and the best tools to do so. We will choose the people to be involved in the project.


After the initial analysis, we will work as a team to design the solution best suited to you. We will define new processes and create all the documentation needed for successful implementation, tailored especially to your needs.  


Once our proposal has been validated, we will configure, customize and synchronize all the tools of the Zoho One suite. We will also import all your data.


Through a series of training and assessment sessions, we will decide together how to make the most of your Zoho One platform. These meetings will be interactive and supplemented by videos and digital handbooks.

Support and Audits

One you are fully trained, we will remain in touch for all the assistance you may require, to guide the adoption of the system, but also for possible integrations and regular audits.

Integrations between Zoho CRM and other software

We can integrate Zoho CRM with ERP, product configurators, web platforms, IoT platforms, etc. We take care of the analysis of the flows to the implementation of the integrations between the software.

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