On this page you will find a complete list of activities and resources that you can implement within your company through our technologies and services.
    A kind of “product catalog” to help you optimize internal processes, boost performance, and improve your customer's shopping experience.

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    Find and convert leads

    Strategia contenuti

    Content Strategy

    Create people-centric content optimized for search engines.



    Build multi-channel inbound marketing campaigns and monitor their success from a single place.



    Create professional CTAs in just a few minutes, so as to convert your visitors into leads, complete with A/B testing.



    By identifying who buys, you know exactly which ads lead to a conversion.


    Website Platform

    Create a fast, reliable and secure website serving as an enabling platform for all your marketing activities.

    Landing Pages-1

    Landing Pages

    Create attractive, responsive, conversion-oriented landing pages that adapt to your website and look great on any device.



    Create long-term marketing resources by posting blog articles optimized to be found and to generate leads.

    Social Media

    Social Media

    Publish updates, monitor terms and analyze performance on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms.



    Convert visitors to leads and gather valuable information about them, using forms that ask the right questions at the right time.

    Lead Flows


    Customizable pop-ups for any website page optimized for use on mobile devices.



    All your communication channels in a single shared mailbox. Never again miss out on an opportunity to delight your customers.

    File Manager

    File Manager

    Store all your website assets in our content distribution network so as to ensure your content can be shared quickly and reliably.

    Manage and cultivate leads

    Automated Workflows

    Automated workflows

    Automate more than just your e-mails, so as to scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

    Lista segmentazione

    Segmentation List

    Segment your leads based on their contact information or on how they interact with you, for truly personalized marketing.

    Punteggio Lead

    Lead Scoring

    Create a custom score for your leads based on any of their behaviors so as to prioritize sales.

    Persona Management

    Management of Personas

    Create marketing personas and study their customer journey so as to propose customized paths, content and communications.

    Email Marketing

    E-mail Marketing

    Send beautiful customized marketing emails and measure which messages are most effective.

    Smart Content

    Smart Content

    Increase the effectiveness of your emails with expert, automated help that optimizes the subject line, content, and more besides.

    Gestione dei contatti

    Contact Management

    Create views and perform automated actions to manage your contacts and data.

    Task and Activities

    Tasks and deadlines

    Archive, monitor, manage and create reports on the tasks and activities making up your customer relations.


    Business Management

    Manage your B2B activities, keeping track of information and interactions with prospects and customers.



    Create your product list, create quotes, and monitor the offers your sales team is working on.

    Standar SSL Certificate-1

    Standard SSL Certificate

    Grant your visitors peace of mind and increase search visibility with a Standard SSL on all content.


    Event Segmentation

    Segment your contacts and customize your content based on precise interactions with your website or product.



    Make calls directly from the CRM system. Optionally, record and store calls in the contact's history log.



    Create customized calendar links to be shared with potential customers, giving them the option to book free slots in your schedule.



    Create a library of sales documents, instantly sharable by email, and generate reports on prospect interaction.


    E-mail sequences

    Easily send prospects a set of personalized, time-based e-mail templates directly from your Inbox or CRM system.



    Manage customer relations from a single powerful app. Customize your mobile digest to display the most important marketing and sales metrics at a glance.


    Monitoring sales emails

    CRM works seamlessly with Gmail, G Suite and Outlook or Office 365. Find out when a lead opens an email, send a perfectly timed follow-up message, and close deals faster than ever before.



    Create a library of best practices and sales resources. Use rule-based automation to show recommended content to your sales team.

    Make your customers happy and loyal



    Create and host videos with advanced analytics to promote your marketing, sales, and support activities.

    Custom Bots-2

    Custom bots

    Create chat-bots that can assist with simple requests: viewing help documentation, booking appointments, etc.


    Help Desk

    Record and track customer issues in a single place. Automate the creation of support tickets and create custom statistics to monitor your team's performance.

    Knowledge base-1

    Knowledge base

    Create a library of help articles so that your team can spend less time answering common questions and more time helping customers succeed.

    Customer Feedback-2

    Customer Feedback

    Get an idea of your customers’ satisfaction and conduct surveys to collect feedback that can be used to build a better customer experience.

    Analyze and calculate ROI

    marketing analytics

    Marketing Analysis

    Analyze which of your marketing activities are generating the highest ROI in terms of visits, leads and customers.

    Social Reporting-1

    Social Reporting

    Monitor growth, engagement and ROI on social media over time and across multiple networks.

    Attribution Reports

    Attribution Report

    Link marketing channels and activities to leads generated and sales made.

    Email Reports

    E-mail Analytics

    Analyze e-mail performance through data on delivery speed, opening rate, and click-through rate.

    Custom Revenue Reporting

    Sales Reporting

    Make accurate reports connecting virtually every effort made to the revenue generated - whether a one-off sale or a recurring contract.

    Campaign Reporting

    Campaign Reports

    Organize your content into a campaign and understand exactly how your marketing efforts contribute to your profits.

    Custom Event Reporting

    Reports on custom events

    Run reports to generate information on custom events, such as video views and other precise interactions with your website or product.



    Report on the metrics of a specific customer goal, such as ticket response time. Use goals to easily monitor and meet customer service level agreements (SLAs).

    Manage your growing team

    Single Sign On-1

    Single Sign-on

    Improve CRM security and gain greater control over your team's access by setting up a custom authentication provider.



    Organize users on multiple levels by team, role, business unit, product line, or any other parameter.

    content partitioning-1

    Content Partition

    Segment your blog, landing pages, website pages, forms, and all content assets by corporate team.

    User Permissions

    User Permissions

    Specify who can post to your blog or social account or who can access specific contacts within your account.

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