What is Inbound Sales


    Inbound Sales is a strategy that aims to improve the effectiveness of your sales department
    through an educational and persuasive methodology and content.

    Unlike the traditional sales method, where the seller and the product are at the center, inbound sales aims to create trust and personalize the commercial process and communication by focusing on the context in which the customer is placed.


    Discover the Inbound Sales Methodology

    Inbound Sales is a methodology (included in our Sales Enablement) for creating a sales process that is synchronized with how people and companies buy your product or service.

    Due to the spread of marketing materials all over the internet, the modern buyer no longer depends on the seller to access information and make a purchase decision. The most powerful sellers recognize the need to transform the sales process to personalize it to their customer context.

    To be more effective, your sales team should transform the entire sales strategy to improve the customer experience, and not focusing only on the seller's one. You can also facilitate this sales methodology with a CRM.


    The operational phases


    Step 1: Identify

    Undertsand better who your next customers could be: both who contacted you through your website and who are not aware of the existence of your company. Use all digital channels and tools to gather more information and get ready for the next steps. 


    Step 2: Contact

    Identify the best channel and timing to reach out to your prospects. Use the information given by the marketing automation software to ensure an effective first contact. Prepare the prospect to take further steps with you.


    Step 3: Prospect

    Learn more about their needs and opportunities together with your potential client. Understand how the purchase decision will be made, at what time frame and with what budget. Explore the most effective options to help your prospect solve their problems and reach new goals.


    Step 4: Advise

    Present one or more solutions to your client. As an expert, suggest them the best way to optimize time and investments. Reassure him in every step of the deal. Use Marketing Automation software and content to facilitate the closing of the sales contract.

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