What is a CRM


    The Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    is a business methodology that organizations use to initiate, strengthen and maintain customer relationships.

    CRM is not just software but a real strategy to manage relationships with your customers in an organized way.


    Are you ready for a CRM?

    Which is the time to adopt a CRM?

    The CRM simplifies the management of contacts and sales negotiations. The CRM allows you greater control and increases the efficiency of the management, sales, marketing and after-sales team. The sooner a CRM system is implemented and the sooner it is possible to activate many follow-up activities with the customer and marketing automation.

    How to implement a CRM?

    The 60% of CRM implementations fail within 12 month. The CRM's implementation method is important as the choice of the right software. The best way to implement a CRM is to divide the operation in 5 steps: Analysis of current processes and business objectives, Improvement and optimization of business processes and data, Software configuration and data import, Training for all users at various times, Assistance and support helping users especially in the first period.

    Integrate CRM with external systems

    One of the criteria to use when choosing a CRM is whether it integrates with external platforms (for example a website, management system, company ticketing system, budgeting software etc...). A good CRM makes use of APIs, some kind of open channels that allow developers to connect the CRM with other systems. Before starting with the implementation is necessary to have a clear idea about the information flows that you need to activate from many business softwares.

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