Positec - Worx

Positec - Worx

    In collaboration with the Italian team, we improved the WORX brand’s customer service across Europe, implementing automated solutions, building the knowledge base and embarking on a journey of marketing automation.

    The challenge

    Working with Positec has allowed us to come into contact with a global entity engaged in very complex and diverse markets.

    Our project focused in particular on making their customer service more effective and efficient, consequently increasing user satisfaction.

    In Europe, the Worx brand’s flagship product is Landroid, an app-controlled robotic lawn mower for automated lawn maintenance. The robot can also be integrated with high-performance, technologically advanced expansion modules having specific features (voice control, anti-collision, Find My Landroid, etc.).

    The complexity of the company’s flagship product and the fact that Landroid is bought and used mainly during a short period of the year (from spring to the end of summer) put a great deal of pressure on Worx’s customer service, which had to manage a significant workload in just a few months and provide specialized assistance in an area involving a very steep initial learning curve. Moreover, customer service had to be provided throughout Europe, in multiple languages, and in very diverse markets. The challenge was made even more demanding by the need to manage multi-channel communications, with customers requesting assistance online, directly from the company, or offline, from the dealer.

    Given the complexity of the situation, it was immediately clear that Worx's customer service needed a technological tool that would enable it to become more efficient and to monitor its operational processes more accurately. Also, new staff training had to be implemented and the various teams operating in different states had to be aligned so as to standardize customer service, and facilitate the transition to a more advanced system.

    Our project

    Our collaboration with Positec-Worx began by analyzing the company organization and Customer Service’s operating methods in different European states, so as to map operational processes and identify strengths and weaknesses. To complete the initial analysis phase, we collaborated with an internal team comprising representatives of the marketing and customer service departments in Italy and abroad. With their help, we studied the company’s operating methods in detail, identifying processes to be optimized and defining the most suitable tools to achieve the expected results.

    After the analysis phase, we agreed to implement the HubSpot Growth Suite, a tool enabling us to digitalize customer service activities, providing concrete support to the customer service team, especially during peak season, and improving the end customer’s experience. 

    Having analyzed the processes and defined the technology to be implemented, we moved on to the operational phase: we mapped a vast amount of content and material provided by Customer Service and studied in detail the questions and service requests received in the previous months. This allowed us to identify a number of major issues and understand which processes could be automated

    We then implemented the Hubspot Growth Suite, integrating it with the customer's IoT platform. In this way, in alignment with the legal team, it was easy to import data relating to thousands of products, customer records and service tickets opened by Customer Service, providing the latter with an agile tool capable of helping them to identify customers’ problems concretely.

    To further improve customer service, we then set up a HubSpot conversation inbox in which to converge all customer requests, regardless of the channel (Facebook page, restricted area of the Worx website, app, email, etc.) or country of origin. To manage these requests, we set up an efficient system for managing individual service tickets, while also implementing a system to monitor customer satisfaction based on three different surveys (to assess satisfaction with the product itself, satisfaction with the service provided by Customer Service, and the customer loyalty index). 

    While working on these customer service improvements, we also collaborated with the marketing department to implement an inbound marketing path and expand the company’s knowledge base. We put together potentially interesting content for the end user, based on Customer Service’s most frequently asked questions, and produced a series of SEO-optimized themed articles. Moreover, we created a multilingual web platform – hosted on a subdomain of the main Worx website – where we collected and made available to users a large amount of useful material, such as videos, manuals, tutorials and infographics. In this way, we provided users with the means of solving certain specific problems on their own, increasing their level of satisfaction and decreasing the Customer Service’s workload. Then, through integration with the customer's IoT platform, we implemented certain marketing automation activities to facilitate the cross- and up-selling of products and/or extension modules.

    Finally, we implemented a feedback and statistics monitoring system, with a view to achieving continuous improvement. Through this tool, the company can collect information on the content and outcome of tickets opened by Customer Service and on use of the knowledge base, and use this information to further expand its content offering and make its automatisms more efficient, in addition to scheduling employee training.


    Our project enabled the company to improve its customer service through the implementation of a platform capable of collecting and sorting different information and constantly measuring the effectiveness of responses provided to users. Through standardized customer service processes, we were also able to standardize the operating methods adopted in the various European sites, bringing the various work teams into alignment and increasing overall efficiency. 

    Work with the foreign teams did not stop at implementing the HubSpot platform, transforming instead into a multi-year growth program: on a weekly basis, the various work groups can contact us for support or to discuss proposals, with a view to achieving continuous improvement.

    “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our customer service. Cloudnova has enabled us to optimize our internal processes and provide an efficient service seamlessly integrated with our operating platforms.”

    Positec - Worx
    Paolo Andriolo, CEO
    Positec - Worx
    About Positec

    Positec is a company based in Suzhou, China, operating globally and specialized in the design and manufacture of power tools. Under the Worx brand, distributed worldwide, it markets a wide range of battery-powered and garden tools, including the Landroid robotic lawn mower.

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