We have provided a leading company in the marketing of fitness tools and accessories with advanced tools that have made it possible to better face the difficulties with the Covid-19 virus pandemic and to obtain a rapid and effective repositioning.

    The challenge

    Working with Genesi allowed us to meet an extremely active client in the field of digital communication and web marketing, always attentive to innovate his strategies, his skills and his offer. Over the years, the company has built various sites dedicated to its brands that have become very authoritative over time, as well as online content and advertising that have allowed it to qualify as a particularly relevant interlocutor in its sector.

    The customer turned to us because he was aware that his many activities - while essential for the growth of the company - had triggered management processes that were too fragmented and not always efficient. The company found itself having to manage a plurality of input channels (chat, WhatsApp, countless email addresses, switchboard ...) and having to interact simultaneously with different types of customers, professional and private, each with its own needs. It was therefore necessary to intervene aimed at digitizing internal processes, optimizing the paths and allowing the effectiveness of the various interventions carried out to be measured more precisely. This last point represented for us a challenge within the challenge: the company felt the need to make a decisive qualitative leap in its ability to keep the results achieved under control, and asked us to provide it with specific tools for monitoring the effectiveness of the various processes implemented.

    A further challenge that we found ourselves facing was the need to better integrate with the network of partners, suppliers and consultants that the company had built over time. We brought a complementary experience and allowed the company to implement its strategies and achieve the expected development objectives.


    Our intervention

    Our intervention in the company began with a discussion with the company management, aimed at understanding precisely what the company's development strategies were, starting from the numbers and the current situation. Once this fundamental aspect was defined, we started mapping the various marketing, sales and customer service processes, with the aim of optimizing them and identifying the tools that would allow us to digitize them effectively.

    We have identified the right “digital mix” in the Zoho One suite, and then we have implemented its CRM by setting it as a central hub in which to bring together all the data coming from different channels. The CRM was configured based on the needs of the company, customizing fields, form structure, reports, automation and so on, and was integrated with the various corporate e-commerce sites, with institutional websites and also with the switchboard. In this way, all individual orders, requests for quotations and calls can pass through the CRM, with the consequent improvement of the processes and profiling of the various users who come into contact with the company.

    Through ZohoIQ we have included a chat system on each company site, to allow customers to receive immediate assistance in case of need. We have also provided customer service with new software - Zoho Desk - which has replaced the tools previously used to provide assistance (Excel files, mail communications, and so on). Zoho Desk has made the management of assistance tickets more effective, allowing the company to collect requests from different channels in a single collector and manage them with the correct priority, providing users with a better service. Both Zoho Desk and ZohoIQ chats have been integrated with the CRM, to allow the company to keep track of all the different interactions between customers and the company.

    With a view to improving the quality of the services offered, we have also implemented Zoho Survey, a system for creating questionnaires that allows surveys relating to customer satisfaction and facilitates registration and participation in events and training courses.

    We have also optimized corporate emails, configuring Google Workspace with the Google mail system and integrating it with existing Zoho systems, and we have implemented Zoho Campaign, an essential tool for creating email marketing campaigns aimed at specific customer targets.

    Once the digital infrastructure was defined, we started the training phase of the company staff, creating special courses dedicated to the marketing, sales and customer service teams. In this way we were able to show everyone the potential associated with the use of CRM and share with them the best customer management strategies. The training lasted for several months and included various periodic meetings, necessary to understand if the collaborators were satisfied with the new tools and to identify any processes to be modified or issues that required more training. In this way, all collaborators were involved in the digitization process and were able to provide opinions and advice to further improve processes and CRM.



    The involvement of the entire work team made it possible to obtain excellent results and to promote a corporate culture oriented towards continuous improvement. The new systems implemented have now been correctly integrated with each other and allow faster and more effective customer management. Furthermore, the company management can access dashboards and reports at any time that allow to check at a glance how the different KPIs are changing.

    Alongside these results, it should be emphasized that our intervention has contributed decisively to help the company to react promptly and effectively to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The sudden closure of the gyms has, in fact, forced the company to strengthen its services aimed at individuals, and the presence of the new CRM has certainly favored a rapid repositioning in this sense.

    This is another reason why Genesi has confirmed its trust in us, choosing us as a partner for a multi-year process of transformation of its offer, aimed at effectively responding to the new needs of the market

    “After an experience with a CRM implemented for many years but without such professional advice as the one that the Cloudnova team offers, we finally made it. The CRM now, thanks to the support of Cloudnova, works and has changed the processes with which we manage - successfully - the relationship with our customers. "


    Genesi is a company engaged in the marketing of fitness equipment and accessories, with a particular focus on the pilates sector, in which it represents an absolute reference at European level. The company represents various brands in the sector in Italy (Balanced Body, Sissel, Rehatech, Blackroll, Toe Sox, Revenge) and manages sales portals aimed at both professionals and private customers. Furthermore, Genesi devotes great attention to the world of training, offering workshops, courses and services aimed at Pilates studies or individual trainers and enthusiasts.

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