Bonfiglioli Engineering

Bonfiglioli Engineering

    Starting from the corporate website previously used by the company, we developed and created a completely new SEO-optimized website that is easy to browse and update.

    The challenge

    Bonfiglioli Engineering asked us to design a new website that would provide users with a satisfactory user experience while also being easy and intuitive to update, so as to simplify operations and enable staff to be fully independent in its management.

    The challenge was particularly complex because the company already had a corporate website, developed quite recently, but which had proved to be inefficient from the point of view of accessibility and content control. The aim of our project, therefore, was to redesign the website, preserving the existing structure as far as possible but improving the UX and UI.

    Our project

    Once the goals of the project had been set, together with the company, we got to work to develop new graphics through a series of graphic tables that we then submitted to the company for approval. At this stage, our work focused on the need to optimize the previous website structure, making it more attractive and more usable without however revolutionizing it.

    Once we'd defined the graphical aspects, we started migrating all of the content on the old website to the new platform, so as not to lose anything that had been built in the past, but editing the content from a SEO perspective. 

    We optimized the material uploading speed and the SEO elements of the website, so as to increase the Google rating and simplify updating activities. To this end, we also worked on the structure of the website’s restricted area, redesigning it to be more effective and user-friendly. 

    We complemented our project activities with staff training sessions, so as to make the Bonfiglioli Engineering personnel completely independent in the management of content and user permits through the use of the intuitive HubSpot CMS Hub interface.


    The new website optimizes the positive features of the previous container, while making the user experience more satisfactory, thereby contributing to improving the brand’s image. The browsing experience has been made more fluid. Moreover, better content indexing has increased website visibility

    The work done to increase the uploading speed and make the company more independent in terms of back-office management has improved the website’s usability, simplifying operations and making it easier to edit and update content.

    “A team of experts that supports and helps your company to grow and direct your business. Cloudnova started working with Bonfiglioli Engineering when our digital transformation began, with great support and experience. Our digital "journey" is always evolving and Cloudnova continues to help us in our growth.”

    Bonfiglioli Engineering
    Federica Zuffi
    Bonfiglioli Engineering
    About Bonfiglioli Engineering

    Bonfiglioli Engineering - a part of the international TASI group - is a company specialized in the design, construction, installation, maintenance and revamping of leak testing machinery for food and pharmaceutical packaging. The company’s headquarters are in Ferrara, but its customers are spread around the globe and operate in a number of high-tech industries.

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