Thanks to a new CRM, an optimal management of the company database and a digital transformation path we have accompanied the customer in a radical reorganization of its internal processes, triggering a change with great potential.

    The challenge

    Dealing with the digitalization of Aste33's internal processes has presented us with countless challenges, connected primarily with the particularity of the customer's business. In fact, auctions are an extremely complex world, in which the processes to be managed are many, specific and delicate, and in which it is essential to provide all the parties involved a highly professional service at every stage of the sales path.

    It is also essential to build and maintain long-term relationships with both public entities and potential buyers, building a database of carefully profiled contacts and better managing the various activities of comparison and communication with the various interlocutors along all stages of the auction.

    We therefore immediately understood that the first objective of our intervention had to be to accurately understand the specificities of the different internal processes of the company, to consequently identify the tools capable of improving their efficiency.

    In addressing this challenge, we also had to deal with the digital tools already in use at the company, which were not very effective. It was necessary to replace them with new software solutions that were able to better respond to customer needs, while integrating with the Public Sales Portal of the Ministry of Justice and with the new company website, which should have been completely revamped.

    Our intervention

    Once we understood the complexity of the activities carried out by Aste33, we began our intervention by organizing a series of meetings with the various professional figures active in the company, with the aim of analyzing the processes, tools and materials they usually used. This comparison phase allowed us to map the individual processes completed by the marketing, sales, customer service, order management and administrative sectors, and to define which technological set-up could have been the most suitable to manage the complexity of the current situation. and to accompany the customer in the subsequent phases of growth and development.

    At the same time, we also mapped the different company roles, highlighting the different skills available to the company, with the aim of optimizing the internal organization and creating the right terrain for implementing the new technological tools.

    This analysis phase was essential to start the subsequent digitization phase of the various departments of the company, which we completed using some specific applications of the Zoho One software suite.

    First of all, we implemented a new CRM, essential to allow the company to better manage a particularly delicate phase of its business: the profiling of the various contacts. Thanks to the new CRM, the management of contacts of individuals, companies, professionals and courts has been made simpler and more effective, and the company now has a tool that allows it to easily segment its customers on the basis of different interests (movable assets , buildings, industrial plants, houses, land …).

    The CRM has been implemented and customized to meet the specific needs of the customer: the structure of the database and the automation workflows have been modified to facilitate the activity of collaborators and build KPIs that allow them to keep track of the various performances.

    Another fundamental step was the integration between the CRM, the company management system and the Public Sales Portal of the Ministry of Justice. This integration has made it possible to automate a long series of repetitive processes - such as data entry - limiting errors and at the same time ensuring the optimal management of all bureaucratic, legal and administrative aspects of the business.

    We then implemented a system of questionnaires - built through Zoho Survey - which allowed us to better map the needs of customers who visit the site. The questionnaires, which are easy to fill out and present both on the homepage and on various dedicated landing pages, have allowed the company to better focus on the needs of users, and to feed the CRM with new, well-profiled contacts. With a view to improving the relationship and communication between the company and its customers we then created, using Zoho SalesIQ, an online chat system that allows users to ask specific questions and quickly receive information about the individual assets placed on the market. auction or related to the participation mechanism. Zoho Campaign instead allowed us to provide Aste33 with a simple and effective tool to create newsletters, to be used in email marketing campaigns aimed at building user loyalty. We have therefore created content marketing campaigns and, in collaboration with an external partner, advertising, aimed at improving the positioning of the company on search engines and on social networks.

    Having set up this structure, we went on to develop a structured process that would allow us to better manage all the work phases, from receiving information relating to the goods to be auctioned up to entering the relevant data in the CRM. We have built an infrastructure that allows the CRM, once the data has been received, to automatically populate the website by inserting the cards relating to the various assets and allowing users to view and download information. Each interaction that takes place through the site is stored in the CRM, so that at the time of the auction it is very easy to recontact, through Zoho Campaign, all those who had expressed interest in a particular asset, creating specific campaigns aimed at potentially target customers.

    This step was made possible thanks to the construction - completed together with our partner Navoo - of the new company website, perfectly integrated with the Zoho One suite. The site allows you to view information, insert filters to search for certain goods and participate directly in auctions.

    Once the technological infrastructure was completed, we started a training course for Aste33's collaborators, who were supported in all phases of the implementation of the new processes and software. Through periodic audits we then met with all the people involved, to bring out any problems, make changes to the software tools and optimize the way they were used, providing further training in cases where the need arose.


    The company, thanks to the new tools implemented, was able to make its business much more organized, orderly and efficient, also thanks to the training carried out which allowed the internal team to renew its working methods. Our intervention made it possible to create a database containing 10000 contacts, carefully profiled, and to build a well-integrated system in which communications pass without difficulty between CRM, site, management and ministerial applications, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

    The satisfaction for the activities carried out led Aste33 to ask for our collaboration for the realization of new projects, in a long-term perspective. Starting from the tools built, in fact, the company intends to create a system that allows the entire auction process to be managed completely online, a real unicum in the Italian panorama.

    “Super recommended. Professional and punctual in the service offered! Thanks to Cloudnova and its super team. "


    Aste33 is an auction house, active since 2016, which deals with the sales and divestments of movable and real estate assets. It organizes and manages judicial auctions, relating to assets deriving from bankruptcies or arrangements with creditors, and auctions on a voluntary basis, organized by individuals and aimed at individuals. In both cases, the professionals of Aste33 take care of the management of the entire sale procedure, from the estimate of the value of the goods to the post-auction assistance, and work with the aim of bringing together supply and demand, obtaining the best conditions of sale.


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