Are you a business consultant or a marketing & communication agency? We can work in partnership in total transparency – or in white lable – to offer, together with your services: CRM, optimization and digitalization of processes, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, implementation of HubSpot and Zoho.

    Are you in lack of time or skills needed for a project?

    As a consulting company, we also have encountered periods when we didn't have the time or lacked the skills to make certain projects or achieve certain goals.

    We have built a team with complementary skills: inbound strategists, UX designers, web developers, copywriters, process analysts, platform technicians. We have also built partnerships with the best technology players on the market.

    We are now able to support other consulting companies (or freelance consultants) with specialized consultancy in helping their clients grow. We have become trusted partners for various organizations that rely on us to outsource various services:

    • Inbound Marketing Strategic Consultancy
    • Analysis, optimization and digitization of marketing, sales and customer service processes
    • Website redesign and development with HubSpot CMS
    • Implementation of HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM
    • Development of Marketing Automation strategies
    • HubSpot Marketing implementation
    • HubSpot Service implementation
    • Constant assistance and support on the items listed above

    Because we are different from other agencies

    We are used to work in partnership with other companies, which sometimes offer services overlapped on ours, finding synergies and with the utmost respect for the customers who are presented to us.

    An extended team

    Our team is made up of different skills that you can use on your projects, such as: inbound strategy, website redesign, copywriting, web development, sales processes, CRM, UX design and more.

    A dedicated contact person

    By working with Cloudnova, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will collaborate with your team to carry out each project and to achieve the set goals. With this type of communication, projects will be managed smoothly.

    Sales support

    We want to help you achieve your revenue goals, which is why we offer support during the sales process of the projects that we will develop together.

    Advanced expertise on HubSpot and Zoho

    By choosing to work with a Diamond Partner like us, you get the very best when it comes to implementing HubSpot or Zoho. All our consultants, technicians, developers, copywriters are certified and have a deep experience with platforms, as well as a passion for continuous experimentation and constant updating.

    Happy partners

    It is not enough for us to satisfy the customer, we try to make our partners happy in working with us. Read the 50+ reviews >

    Ongoing support

    In every project, we don't abandon anyone. If you have a question, even months after a CRM, Website, integration or strategy is delivered, drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be there to help!


    As it deems appropriate, you can use our facility in white-label and put your brand on all the services we perform. From the eyes of the customer, it will be just you and your team of experts.

    Involve us in a project!


    A HubSpot and Zoho Partner is someone who is certified by HubSpot and Zoho to offer support and various types of services related to the HubSpot and Zoho platforms. Thanks to many years of experience, study and work with clients from different industries, Cloudnova is today HubSpot Diamond Partner and Zoho Advanced Partner.

    Our services include: the creation of Inbound Marketing strategies, the configuration of HubSpot, the redesign of websites with HubSpot CMS, the optimization of commercial processes and implementation of CRM, as well as the digitization of customer service processes.

    Our services are transversal and we can work in different fields. However, over the years we have developed experiences with companies in the furniture and design industry, machinery production, SAAS and IT software, services, food and beverage, FinTech.