Cloudnova is part of Impresoft Group

We joined one of the most important Italian groups for Digital Transformation. We are now closer to your company to accelerate and simplify your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service activities.


Trust in our Method


Analysis and Strategy

Our team will spend time getting to know your specific needs so as to recommend the right solutions for you. Once we understand your goals, we'll work with you in a practical way, building the right marketing, sales and customer service strategy.


Setting-up technologies

Once the strategy has been structured, we will identify which platforms can help your team work more efficiently and effectively. We will ensure every system is integrated. We will measure and automate part of your daily Marketing, Sales and Customer Service activities.


Ongoing support

By becoming your trusted partners, we will guide the operational implementation of the strategy developed, step by step, using the technologies implemented. Whether it's working on inbound marketing, supporting the launch of a new product, or helping your team make the most of the CRM system, we'll be there!

Chose our skill

Choose our skills.

Choose our method.

We know how difficult it is to choose the right partner.

We work with international companies, following complex projects in 3 languages. We have developed an effective method to implement strategies, processes, technologies and content so as to improve your customers' shopping experience and increase your internal efficiency and expertise.

We constantly train abroad and bring to Italy the best methods to innovate and scale your business.



Work with us


The best solutions for you

A blend of skills and experiences to digitalize and scale your organization. We work alongside you, covering every marketing, commercial and customer service requirement, however large or small.

Inbound Marketing

Create a digital experience aligned with every step of your customers’ shopping journey.

Crm and Sales Enablement

Enable sales reps to perform their job more effectively and efficiently through the use of new methods, technologies and resources.

Customer Success Management

Stay pro-actively close to your customers at every stage of the experience, from pre-purchase to post-sale.

Marketing Automation

Implement the best technologies and automate marketing, sales and customer service activities.

Website Redesign

Create an attractive, user-friendly website built on the basis of your customers' profiles and your CRM system

Process optimization and digitalization

Reorganize and make your teams’ daily processes more efficient. Support the cultural change brought about by Digital Transformation.


Our customer case studies



Arneg Spa

Arneg Spa

Positec - Worx

Positec - Worx

Are we the right partners for you?

Cloudnova takes a different approach compared to other consulting firms and marketing agencies. Our method allows you to quickly implement Inbound Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation.

But we are not right for everyone. We are not the right choice for you, for example, if instead of relying on an expert to guide you, you’d rather tell your agency what to do and they do it. Or if you treat your supplier as someone who owes you a service against settlement of an invoice. We’d rather be your partner, whether in the short-term or on a medium-to-long term growth path. 

See below how our approach differs from the traditional one. If what you read reflects your situation and meets your expectations,
then we can certainly work together!

Traditional marketing agencies


They create a situation of dependence, from which it can be difficult to disengage.

We focus on training your team, helping your staff grow, so you don't have to depend on an external partner forever.

They simply generate leads, often using large online advertising budgets, without following up the contacts generated or worrying about what happens to them after conversion.

After generating conversions, we like to know what happens to generated leads, and whether your sales department is aligning with the marketing team.
We take care of the entire sales and customer service process.
In addition to strategies and operations, we integrate new technologies so as to facilitate and measure actions.

They create content silos, far from the skills and experiences of your company's staff.

We bring your entire organization into line with the culture of “educating and helping the customer”, making you the most authoritative voice in your industry, and the go-to company that prospects address when in need.

The sales team is rarely – if ever – included, thus missing out on the opportunity of using customer knowledge to create more conversions and shorten the sales cycle.

We always include your sales team so as to integrate new methods and new content into their sales process, with a view to increasing the deal closing rate and therefore boosting revenues.

They implement your requests operationally, without pointing out potentially wrong choices. They make hasty assessments which may well be shown to be unfounded in the short term.

We provide strategic advice through a team of experts with whom you can bounce off ideas and who will put you on the right track to make your business grow.

Work with us